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Clearwater Adoption Attorney

Adopting a child may be challenging but it is also an extremely gratifying experience. Adoption varies from that of a step-parent adoption, co-parent adoption, grandparent adoption, relative adoption, international adoption, and adoption from birth parents.Legal guidance and help from an expert Adoption Attorney can make this difficult, and sometimes confusing, process more convenient.

Step-Parent & Co-Parent Adoption

These kind of adoptions are the most well-known forms of adoption, wherein the child being adopted is the biological child of the spouse of the person who wants to adopt. In a step-parent adoption, the child will become the legal responsibility of the step-parent and one biological parent, subsequently terminating the rights of one of the birth parents. Co-parent adoptions are common to same-sex couples wherein one of the parties is the child’s biological parent. In a co-parenting adoption, the non-biological parent gains the rights in decision making like educational options and medical care.

Grandparent & Relative Adoption

Relative adoption is when you adopt a child who is already part of your extended family. This is common with young mothers or those who are facing legal or mental issues which may impact their ability to raise their child themselves. Standby Adoption is similar to relative adoption, except that it would be enacted upon the passing of the biological parents. The purpose of standby adoption is so that the child will become the responsibility of an approved family member that they are already familiar with.

International & Birth Parent Adoption

This kind of adoption takes place when the child to be adopted does not belong to your immediate or extended family. Suffice to say, this kind of adoption is the most difficult adoption to obtain, however, it also gives you the highest form of fulfillment. The knowledge that you are saving a child from painful and traumatic situations, like being unwanted or not being able to be taken cared for, makes the connection with that child even more precious. Working with a highly knowledgeable Family Lawyer will make the process less complex as international and direct adoption tend to be confusing and complicated.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Adoption Lawyer

We are here for you! Adoption requires numerous documents such as background checks and mounds of paperwork. It is a lengthy process, that is why regardless of the type of adoption you are seeking to obtain, it is important to have a dedicated Clearwater Adoption Lawyer supporting you. We will not only explain what your adoption options are, but also help you simplify the process and represent your case in courts together with adoption agencies, and birth parents.

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