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child support attorneyIt is quite common for a child to be born to unwed parents, however, it can create a complicated process for an unmarried father who wants to be involved with and provide support to their minor child.

When parents are unwed, the father of the child, in order to obtain the rights and responsibility that a married father would have, must take additional measures. To assist you in obtaining the rights you deserve, you need the expertise of a qualified Clearwater Father’s Rights Attorney, like those of The Law Office of Kerya L. Koeut, P.A..

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How the Law Addresses Paternity

father with childThe law not only addresses the rights and responsibilities of unwed parents in connection to their minor child, they provide strict rules covering financial support, parental recognition, custody, decision-making, and time-sharing.

Proof is necessary for you to be acknowledged as the legal father of a child. At the time of birth, married parents are automatically assumed to be the legal parents of the child, however, it is different for unwed parents. If the father is present at birth and subsequently signs the birth certificate, such act proves his acceptance of the child to be his own. In the case where he fails to sign the birth certificate, further measures must be taken in order to prove parentage. This could be done by filing an Acknowledgment of Parentage with the courts, or may require a paternity test if there is questions about the identity of the true father of the child.

Protecting Your Child

father's rights and paternity attorney

In the matters of child protection, the topic of paternity is important. There will come a time where the child may need alternative care or housing, whether short or long-term, caused by domestic violence, mental illness, psychological condition, or an inability to care for the child by the mother.

If parentage is established, the child would be secure knowing that he/she has a caring parent that they can stay with, instead of being removed to state or temporary guardianship. By establishing your rights, you can make sure that the child is receiving sufficient care despite not being the custodial parent because you can legally act on the child’s behalf.

Proving or Contesting Paternity?

family law attorney consultationThere are numerous circumstances in the issue of parentage where legal assistance is required. First is when proving parentage and gaining rights with regards to your child. On the flip side of the coin is contesting or denying parentage. Information may sometimes be given to a man that leads him to think that the child he has taken responsibility for is not his actual biological child.

An expert Clearwater, FL family lawyer who has experience with parentage cases, such as the Paternity Lawyers of The Law Office of Kerya L. Koeut, P.A., will be able to help you get through these matters successfully.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Father’s Rights Lawyer

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