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Child Custody

Clearwater Child Custody Attorneys

The children, and what happens to them, are almost always the determining factor when issues like divorce come up in a family. Dragging children in the issue of divorce causes parents to have restless nights full of worries and concerns. Many parents stay in bad marriages out of the fear of losing their children, or concerns over what is best for them. But, with the help of an experienced Child Custody Attorney, establishing a plan for your life that will factor in both yours and your children’s happiness will not be difficult.

Dispelling the Happy Home Myth

Many couples find themselves staying in a bad relationship thinking they are doing it for their children, not realizing that it is actually doing more harm than good. An atmosphere filled with unhappiness, stress, anger, and constant bickering is far more damaging to children than dealing with a broken home. When they are building a happy and healthy relationship themselves, it is your example that they will remember. This factor is commonly overlooked by parents when weighing if divorce is the right decision for them and their family.

It is surprising to learn that a number of people are able to communicate with their children on a better level after finally freeing themselves from “putting on a show”. Many do not know that children feel relieved after divorce, as it actually reduces the stress they experience from home. Children often interpret their parents’ unhappiness as anger directed to them. Through open communication, constant reassurance of still having a relationship with both their parents, and giving an honest explanation of what is taking place and why, you will be able to establish a healthier relationship with your children, despite the divorce.

Determining Child Custody

Child custody is determined by what is in the best interest of the child. This sometimes means having to work with a Guardian Ad Litem or GAL, in order to decide if a joint or sole custody is paramount, and what the ideal custody agreement will look like. This review can also include mental health inspectors to determine the ability for care by the individual parents. During the custody trial, it will then be decided by the court what custody arrangement is best for the child.

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