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Child Support

Clearwater Child Support Attorneys

In order to make sure children get the sufficient support they deserve from their parents, strong state policy is in place. Because of this, during a divorce, custody, or parentage case, support is one of the priorities being factored in. The experienced Child Support Attorneys at Clearwater Law will be helping you sort out all the things you need to understand regarding child support, including what you may be responsible for paying or what you ought to receive, along with giving you assistance in enforcing or modifying existing child support.

Child Support Calculation

If you are unsure of what to expect, keep in mind that accurate calculation is vital. At Clearwater Law, we use state-of-the-art software, together with your tax and income documents, to figure out what support you would be required to pay, or eligible to receive. We clarify all the doubts for you, so you understand what to expect.

Child Support Enforcement

If you are not receiving the support you are entitled to as ordered by the court, we have numerous ways of handling this. Clearwater Law has handled many child support enforcement cases, and because of this experience, we can efficiently assist you in enacting payroll deductions or taking other measures. We are always ready to help you handle child support enforcement.

Child Support Modification

Child support modifications happen because circumstances change, too. A parent can fail to meet  his or her financial obligations due to financial difficulties, changed jobs, or their financial status has changed for some other reason, therefore child support subsequently changes as well. We can assist in reviewing your information in order to determine if a request for modification is the suitable step for you and your children.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Child Support Lawyer

We are here to help you with obtaining child support, in child support enforcement, or in child support modification. We give all our new clients a FREE consultation to learn about our firm and how we can assist you.

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